Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark ★★★½

Fun fact: I have never seen this movie. I Love Temple of Doom and I think Kingdom of The Crystal Skull is watchable but never seen this or The Last Crusade. Now I’ve always been lead to believe that this film is like gods gift to cinema, and how can I not believe that? Directed by one of my favourite directors and stars one of the coolest guys ever. And the film is just... well it’s alright. I think my major complaint is that there are scenes in this film that just drag on for sooooooooo long when they really don’t need to be. Also having a female character who’s constantly needing to be saved makes the film no less generic then any other movie when they have to save the female in distress. However I do like the characters, the action, the adventure and the overall look of the film. I just didn’t think it was amazing.