Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★½

I never had much of a desire to watch this film....The moment Charli Xcx started I couldn’t stop cringing. Why would we want to watch that ugly montage of men’s crotches in a film with this subject matter?? This was an extremely hard watch. Just to start the cinematography to the soundtrack, the production design ..... yucky, perhaps Emerald infantilized this film to show how Cassie had never been able move past those years of her youth but I don’t think it’s that deep. The problem is that while the subject of this film is obviously an important one, that does not mean it isn’t still open to criticism. One thing I feel the need to point out is sadly in real life it takes a lot less for men to take advantage of women. It does not always require a weakened state of mind, it does not require a seedy bar or a host of unknown men at a college party. It can be surrounded by familiar faces, friends and sadly even family in “safe” spaces. The dialogue is thin utilizing every nice guy trope, shoving the power dynamic concepts down your throat. Every disgusting line you and your girlfriends have had yelled at you, whispered to you. While I guess it’s good to see this film getting some attention because there are certainly some individuals who need to see this for the basic concept of manipulating women in altered states, I learned about that aspect of sexism after my first party in high school, the bystander effect is real. Their always “evil” men until their in your circle, in your family. I could have gone without the bubble gum splashes of me too era critics on society ... also who the duck invited bo to the dinner party. I hope to see some development in Emeralds artistry hopefully with a touch more nuance, all in all the concept is not a bad one but the storytelling and execution are simply lacking and misguided. I’m not gonna lie the it’s not your fault bros hugging it out scene made me laugh out loud, that’s literally an allusion to how these kind of criminals get treated in the justice system. I’ll end by saying to any and all who care to show support to abused women, know that the goal is never to start “drama” and should never be to gain revenge it is to gain freedom from pain and fear, to move on to a life where you don’t feel powerless to the whims of the men or boys who hurt you, manipulated you, tell you how to think about life, how to think about yourself, tell you how you should feel and frame it as hey hey I was just trying to...... It is never our job to teach someone the errors of their ways or attempt to fix things, try as we might.
the real strength comes in truth and leaving the toxicity behind you. Not in vilifying men and seeking to bring them the pain they inflicted upon you. The goal is to heal and grow. 

But wait wait I’m a nice guy, yeah reality check bud ur not but yeah we are all just crazy bitches after all

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