Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★★

I always operate under the philisophy that every director worth a damn has at least one good and one bad film. This one managed to be Snyder's first swing-and-a-hit for me.

Basically everything I wanted from a superhero film of his. I appreciate how much care and emotional consideration he gives into crafting all of his heroes with grand mythic emotional bounds (instead of say manipulating their iconography for establishing them as figureheads in his achingly libertarian slant on modern americana, sorry i approach my politics in good faith), it makes his typically dorky array of formal tics much more palatable knowing there's sincerity behind it. There are still definitely tons of turn offs of course: bad cropping (idk who this fabian wagner guy is but he doesn't have shit on Larry F), gaudy cgi, boneheaded needle drops, but I do applaud Snyder this time for his slow motion littered set pieces seemingly ripped straight from the pages of a paperback. They have a more slight gravitas compared to Aquaman, but they still work surprisingly. Also the last sequences drag and are mainly filled with the boring universe building these franchises normally have, but I do appreciate how he takes concepts like fucking boom tubes and the anti life equation and other shit and successfully melds it with his brand of himbo melodrama. Snyder's not suddenly a good director now, but kudos to him for robbing warner brothers blind 70 million dollars, and holding studios accountable for snuffing auteurism for the sake of focus groups. Rest in Peace Autumn Snyder, you are missed and loved.

Sidenote: lmao to all the people who gave this a perfect score while literally stating in their review its far from perfection...we see you clout chasing!!! Cannot waaaaaait for all the pseudo intellectual discourse surrounding this dude to die down after his second zombie movie or whatever. A girl can only take so much.

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