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Evelyn S


23, transfemme (she/they) 
~I like horror, arthouse & international films~

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  • Ecstasy of the Angels

    Ecstasy of the Angels


    Ugh my energy level for watching films has been trash lately...It took me like a week to finish this, especially since most of it is people arguing about Big Leftist Ideals lol. In reflecting the revolutionary milieu of his day, Wakamatsu is sympathetic but certainly critical, depicting a militant group bogged down with tedious discourse and infighting. (Known as the “Four Seasons,” the group is split into factions commanded by leaders named after each season; secondary leaders and their underlings…

  • The Duke of Burgundy

    The Duke of Burgundy


    Of course I watched this during Scorpio season lmao...I hyped The Duke of Burgundy up a lot in my head and it mostly delivered. I was kinda surprised that a man directed this tbh. Granted, I haven’t seen that many wlw films, but I don’t expect men to tell respectful stories (looking at Bl*e is the W*rmest C*lor). Duke really manages to balance kink with such tender, understated sensuality.

    I’m truly the audience for these exact arthouse stylings. Every frame…

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  • Jurassic World

    Jurassic World


    I had no interest in seeing this but my housemate really specifically wanted to watch it and drink margaritas

  • Muscle



    I actually bought a fairly decent print of this, but it was missing the subtitles it was supposed to come with, so I had to watch a way shittier version. :( But I rewatched some scenes in the better version to make sure I wasn’t about to rate this too low for being in 240p. So yea that made a difference lol.

    The score is a standout, oscillating between forbidding drone-clatter and synth eeriness that feels kindred with Argento. That…

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  • Kamikaze Girls

    Kamikaze Girls


    Oh to be a girl in the early 2000s Japanese countryside w/ a whole Lolita wardrobe, pining after yr futch biker gf

  • Hagazussa



    The mountain is of an incantation, inmost and guttural. Those who bear horns are messengers of stigmata. The sores foretell. From an ossuary, a grim artifact. Crawling, swallowed, the murk and moss. Final resting grounds—pale corpses flung by hooded figures—the swamp receives...Candlelight is a callous witness.