Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

this is one of those movies where for years, I've been waiting for the mythical "right time" to experience the experience™️, and the time finally arrived last night when I randomly saw it and impulsively concluded that (why not?) the right time was here and now. turns out that was a great decision, as I wasn't disappointed in the slightest by my descent into this strange and alluring nightmare! 

as moviegoers, we've been conditioned to adopt a certain set of expectations when going into a movie... there exists an unspoken agreement between audience and filmmaker that, for instance, the reality portrayed onscreen will be largely reflective of our own, that the story will mostly cohere to the logic of our everyday experience, that—put simply—stuff will make sense. in Mulholland Drive, Lynch rips to shreds that implicit contract and then creates something incredible with the pieces.

what results is a tour-de-force of dark phantasmagoria that summons the subconscious to generate a trance-like, disconcerting experience bound to leave the viewer awe-struck and reeling (particularly after the properly terrifying, electrifyingly intense concluding sequence). but beyond the riveting experimental artistry on display, this is a film that has something substantial to say about Hollywood and the ruinous potential of its beguiling illusions. 

I have many hazy, incomplete thoughts swirling around as to what it all means—especially in regards to Club Silencio and the fascinating “tape” demonstration which calls to mind the fabricated, illusory nature of the cinematic medium, and how that disconnect may speak to the fragmentation of identity in the film (raising questions about the illusion of "Betty," the nature of "acting," the relationship between self & other, and what all this says about celebrity as a damaging cultural institution)—but not unlike the fading remnants of a dream upon waking, these thoughts are sort of a blurry, indistinct mass in my head.

so, after finally seeing the film, I look forward to doing some reading on how other people have interpreted its richly perplexing narrative, and I‘m excited to explore some potential interpretations in a search for greater clarity. then again, there's beauty to be found in the inscrutability of its mystery, and unspeakable value in a film that for once refuses to divulge satisfying answers, thereby leaving space for us to ponder its questions. 

and now it's time for me to wait (with anxious anticipation) for the right time to experience Blue Velvet and Eraserhead...

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