Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★½

Wowow, this movie was realllllly clever and honestly was such a great way of starting the new year. Totally worth wearing a mask for 2 hours and I am glad I got out to see it in the theaters.

This movie is soooo hard to classify. It is a near perfect blend of thriller, black comedy, social satire, revenge film, drama, and a hint of rom com as well. On paper this sounds messy and while at times the tones shift very quickly and suddenly it works for this film. You can feel happy and satisfied, and then emotionally wrecked, and then filled with high anxiety with goosebumps all within 10 minutes. The cast is great as well and Carey Muligan is doing her best work here for sure. 

The film also takes many risks in regards to the storytelling and the filmmaking. The film is very unpredictable just like most of the characters in this and it makes you feel excited for every new scene. The actual style of the film also has such a strange look to it that makes the film feel more heightened in surrealism and stylized. Again the contrast with the realistic and serious themes just makes this that more interesting.

While many have criticized the ending of the film, again I think the ending is "satisfying" in the way that the film's clashing tones leads to a climax that is again, stylized/comedic, but also doesn't dismiss the more serious themes. My only complaint of the film is that it is a hard film to recommend just because how unique it is. That might sound weird, but truly the way it is not really an accessible film and the way it has been marketed makes this a hard film to really pinpoint who it is for. I think seemingly the marketing for this tried to show what it was about, but it didn't show how anything in the film would actually get accomplished so expectations of certain people will be different.
Again really tonally it won't work for everyone.

But overall, I truly enjoyed this film and what director Emerald Fennell was going for. I think this is a great debut for her and I can bet she will continue to make more unique films like this in the future.

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