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  • Midsommar



    Even better the second time I’ve seen it! There are so many small references and paintings that pre-shadow the events of the movie! This movie is so beautifully shot. Brilliantly directed by Ari Aster. I enjoyed Florence Pugh’s performance even more this time around. Still Bat Shit Crazy more of a subtle way! You can check it again or for the first time on Amazon Prime!

  • The Stylist

    The Stylist


    This movie is awesome! The opening scene blew me away! Directed by Jill Sixx that even gets to die in her own movie! I have enjoyed several of her projects in the past. I really liked her directing since her first short which I have seen several. Plus her segments on several anthology series and I think she will become a legend! This is her first directed feature length movie. This movie is shot beautifully and the gore is awesome…

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  • Run Like Hell

    Run Like Hell


    A Fun Blood Bath but not actually comedy. I really wanted to like this movie because my friend Jon who is credited as Jonathan Wilcox is the sound effects editor on this movie and this movie did not disappoint! I found it very entertaining! I was impressed by Jon’s work also! Jon does quite a few movies but most aren’t horror and I was excited when he let me borrow his copy! Also Jessica Cameron was in it as Jennifer…

  • Skinner



    The movies is entertaining but the story behind it I find fascinating. Starring Traci Lords, Riki Lake and Ted Raimi. Ted the brother of director Sam Raimi. The director of this movie was Ivan Nagy. The movie is about a man who mutilates prostitutes. Ivan directed TV shows like CHIPS and Starsky and Hutch. What is scary fascinating about Ivan is that he was a convicted bookie, ex boyfriend of Heidi Fleiss and was arrested for recruiting women for prostitution…

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  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse


    An excellent movie! It starts off a bit slow but still interesting. The movie builds into madness! As a child I had a night terror that have glimpses and sounds that appear in this movie. Stoking the furnace and the fog horn remind me of my night terror which is a nice start and the madness is a nice touch. If you haven’t seen it check it out on Amazon Prime!

  • The Shining

    The Shining


    Beautifully shot and only in the way Stanley Kubrick can a masterpiece! It amazes me Jack Nicholson stares off into space with mind numbing stares . No one ever looked more bat shit crazy. When he turns violent it brings it home even more. The movie sneaks up on you and never lets go! If you haven’t seen it, I’d be surprised if you haven’t, you need to check it out! For most of you that have revisit it again…