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  • Red Film

    Red Film


    in its very truly great manners of henry louis mencken very heroically the very brutally exigent name of sara cwynar had very genuinely come amongst his very really grand men and women to hendrik willem van loon, karel capek, percival christopher wren, leonard miller, stephen vincent benét and john barton wolgamot very titanically. in her very truly great manners of wilhelm richard wagner very heroically sara cwynar had very allegorically come amongst his very really grand men and women to…

  • Glide of Transparency

    Glide of Transparency


    impossibly beautiful. a boundless stream of flora shots so meticulously abstracted that they at times subvert representational form entirely, instead creating an intimate visualization of the inner world of plant life, like an inside-looking out version of menken's glimpse of the garden. there are other obvious visual precedents, from o'keeffe to the now clichéd, hazy aesthetic of dream pop (any frame from this film could seriously be the next cocteau twins album cover), but the images here achieve a level…

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  • Illuminated Texts

    Illuminated Texts


    a hypomanic episode spent deep in the bowels of jstor with the empreintes digitales catalogue on loop

  • Cuarteto



    i'm admittedly only partway through his filmography but i'm curious why this has significantly fewer views than caldini's other films? easily one of the most stunningly beautiful shorts i've seen in some time. light ever so gently illuminating a sea of green foliage while still leaving the mystery and autonomy of the natural world that it depicts intact. i highly recommend putting this on after waking up in a puddle of sweat still dazed from a 12 hour sleep as it felt like the best possible viewing conditions for me.