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"They say every atom in our bodies was once part of a star." ✨

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  • Roma



    I feel about this movie the same way I felt about Dunkirk (2017) last year. In terms of the visuals, the sound, and the technical aspects, I'm incredibly impressed. But overall something just isn't sticking for me. I keep reading reviews saying things like "an incredibly personal introspective into one woman's life" but I didn't really get that sense at all. Very few scenes gave me the impression that I was witnessing Cleo's inner thoughts or her specific reactions…

  • Spies in Disguise

    Spies in Disguise

    -Tired and unattractive visual style
    -70% of the jokes are potty humor or "adult" jokes that are simply references to something like rectums or cloacas
    -Lots of "science talk" that is either straight up wrong or overly nonsensical just to sound "smart"
    -Trope of animal transformation as a vehicle to teach the main character some lesson
    -Trope of a scientific person being rejected for being too "weird" (even while in the midst of other scientists)
    -Gluten free bread being funny for some reason (No mention of Celiac disease, also bread is bad for birds!)

    -Rashida Jones and Karen Gillan
    -Will Smith's bird eyebrows