Titane ★★★★★

least surprising event happened: i adored titane. almost catered to my own thoughts and feelings about gender and my own transness while having my own personal obsession with body horror fully fleshed out to become this intricate somewhat weirdly comforting? piece about personhood violence and gender dynamics. often felt like my dysphoria is like a body horror film my body is growing in ways which goes against my own identity ingrained in my head and my own personhood and this somehow has gotten that feeling spot on in this bizarre weird disturbing way, a way which i have never fully verbalised before due to my own ingrained insecurities. this film expresses this type of isolation, this type of other which ive never seen so bluntly so truly on screen in such a screaming unwavering fashion. i dont think im ever going to attempt to talk about this movie properly as i am still processing every oily detail.

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