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  • Burn After Reading

    Burn After Reading


    A really great cast especially mcdormand clooney pitt swinton simmons and malkovich.  That was Dale from the walking dead to lol. Was filled of over done funny performances and two solid directors. The story was simple and engaging but thought they could have done a bit more sign it. Very dry humour which isn’t bad but thought they could have escalated the film a lot more. But the scenes with Brad Pitt were very funny lol he was great. Seen…

  • Fast & Furious 6

    Fast & Furious 6


    Everything fifth one had. Preferred the antagonist in this. And the side characters were good. The guy from BGT was on this as the first guy oh shaws team who gets captured. Great corny lines. More impossibly over done action. Great characters. Think the combination of characters I like decent enough stupid one line comedy and ridiculous action make films so fun and for me is all I need lol. 9/10.

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  • Fast Five

    Fast Five


    Probably my favourite one. Not most ridiculous in terms of stunts. But is so much fun. 
    Great characters. Solid story. Unexpected twists. Fun action scenes. And actually funny humour for an action film. Probably my favourite action movie OAT tbf. I get people hate on the franchise seeming how many they have done but even if it is just for money or whatever who cares. They are so exciting lol. 9.5/10. 
    Tyrese biggob and ludarcis and the Brazilians are great duos. Love this film never gets old. 
    Also thibk the rock and diesel work well together.

  • Tropic Thunder

    Tropic Thunder


    One of my favourite comedies. Great cast and so many scenes which are so good. Like the full retard scene with RDJ, simple jack, Alan partridges head, Tom cruise dancing, mcconaughays son, tobey maguire getting best kiss award. So many bits that are funny even tho not laugh out loud all the way thru. Solid 7.5/10. 
    Not many bad things about it. Might have seen it too many times tho now.