• Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

    Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers


    After having rewatched (most at this point) all of the Halloween films since I was a child, I must say, I really REALLY enjoyed this one. I remember liking this one a lot as a child but seeing it as an adult, I can definitely say I enjoyed this one the most out of all the Halloweens so far. The run time is perfect, the kills, chefs kiss.. the effects are decent and overall, it's just enjoyable. Really loving going…

  • The Sacrament

    The Sacrament


    I forgot how good this was! I remember really enjoying it the first time I saw it years ago (also I might add that I've always been super interested in Jim Jones and researching cults and weird shit like this) and can honestly say it's still held up over the years as being extremely good. The pacing is great, and I must say I still have an unhealthy obsession with "found footage" type films. "The Sacrament" feels real and feels…

  • 28 Days Later

    28 Days Later


    It's been years since I've seen this one and do remember it being one of the best zombie movies ever. It still is a fairly good one, and the zombies are quite terrifying. They move fast and the transformation once infected is quite fast and there is just something truly scary about that as well. It's a little aged and didn't have as much affect on me as the first time I saw it, however it's still a classic.

  • Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

    Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers


    This one is decent but definitely not my favorite Halloween. It's fun, has decent kills, and the time flies by so really not much to complain about. I don't like his mask in this one and think he looks a little underwhelming but overall a decent film in the entire series and fun to watch for during the month of October.

  • Pet Sematary II

    Pet Sematary II


    "dead is better!"

    Truly one of my all time favorite movies of all time. I really can't tell you how much I love this one. Again, it was another staple in my childhood and even more so when I developed the BIGGEST crush on Edward Furlong at the ripe age of 12. I found this one to be truly terrifying as child mainly because of Clancy Browns performance as "Gus". (Im feeling it now Mr. Krabs). Lots of visceral kills…

  • There's Someone Inside Your House

    There's Someone Inside Your House

    Well, we really just wanted to give one of the new age horror films a chance here in our 31 days of a Halloween movie marathon, however this one just proved why we just really aren't in to new age slasher films. This just wasn't it. Some of the kills were decent but for the most part, this felt annoying, predictable, and just flat out a movie trying too hard. I'm certainly sick of movies where they have clearly 30…

  • The Ruins

    The Ruins

    I didn't like this at all. I never was really interested in this one, but figured I'd give it a shot because it seemed like an easy enough watch, which it was but I think the story suffered a little bit. It didn't do much for me for only taking place in the one area (on top of the temple for the most part) and while there were a few satisfying and gory bits sprinkled throughout, I still found myself…

  • Seed of Chucky

    Seed of Chucky


    "It's a hobby really. It helps us relax"

    Incredibly cheesy, funny and silly... the sequel to "Bride of Chucky" is definitely not as strongly loved and BoC, however, I still really enjoy this one. It has a random and hilarious cast, tons of great slasher kills, too many witty puns and punchlines to count, and overall it's a fun and easy watch and most certainly is better than the newer Chucky films they have done.

  • Bride of Chucky

    Bride of Chucky


    "Barbie... eat your heart out"

    Ok but really? This is one of my all time favorite slasher films. As a child, I was never really into the Scream movies. I found them to be boring, I like them just a tad more as an adult but I am surprisingly STILL just as into the Chucky saga just as much as I had been as a child. When I watch them, a sense of childhood nostalgia washes over me, and if…

  • The Thing

    The Thing


    "I don't know what the hell's in there, but it's weird and pissed off"

    John Carpenters "The Thing" is a horror film of epic proportions. It's most certainly a classic, but for me personally... it's number 3 in top the list of top 10 favorite horror films and pretty high up on top favorite films of all time in general. For one we open the film with an absolutely beautiful Kurt Russell with his perfect locks of hair. I don't…

  • Mama



    This one was never very scary to me, more on the creepy side but for the most part always remembered this one making me cry. It's rare a horror films turns me into a softie but this one did the first time I watched it years ago, and I was prepared to feel sad with this re watch and even years later, the ending still made me well up with tears. A strange but interesting story thats a little different than others and I can appreciate that about the film.

  • Halloween II

    Halloween II


    This one definitely a classic but not nearly as satisfying as the first follows up immediately where "Halloween" left off and while it doesn't seem nearly as tense and terrifying as the first, still a great movie and epic staple in any film lover and Halloween fanatics collection. Fun to watch, easy and still stellar kills till the end. Not my favorite but definitely important in the Halloween saga. We plan to watch the rest of the Halloweens so I'm excited to watch them all and finish if off with the newest one at the end!