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  • Whiplash



    "I tried. I actually fucking tried. And that`s more than most people ever do. And I will never apologize for how I tried."

    I forgot I re watched this for the hundredth time but just remembered so figured I would go ahead and give me two cents even though I think anyone who follows me knows how I feel about this one considering how many re watches I've reviewed on this one..

    Its intense and epic as it gets. There…

  • Little Nicky

    Little Nicky


    "You`re shoving a pineapple up Hitler`s ass at 4 pm"

    I genuinely cannot believe how well this aged, and was shocked to realize it`s a 20 year old film! It remains in the top 5 of my favorite Sandler films and can absolutely say it`s a classic. It has humor that goes unmatched... you really don`t see quality humor like that anymore. The costumes, the dialogue, the crappy cgi, it all blends together so perfectly. The run time is just…

  • Roma



    "No matter what they tell you, we women are always alone. "

    What an experience! My significant other has gone on and on about this and I`m happy he turned me on to this absolutely stunning film. Despite it`s deeply raw and emotional story it portrays, every single shot... beauty can still be found and I really think there is something special about that. Not many can get away with an entire film shot in black and white but this…

  • Possession



    "Goodness is only some kind of reflection upon evil. That's all it is."

    I really don't think I'll ever be able to get over this film. It is one that has stuck with me and can absolutely say it is one of my favorite horror films. It's chaotic, disgusting, ambiguous, and much more. Upon a second re watch and some more digging, I understood the film a little more and could appreciate that much more as well. I think its…

  • Hereditary



    " Don’t you swear at me, you little shit! Don’t you ever raise your voice at me! I am your mother!"

    I have been currently working non stop and just realized I never logged this nearly a month ago when I revisited this excellent film on Halloween and must say, I feel bad leaving my review unspoken so here we go.

    First of all... I can't help but applaud Aster on one of the best horror movies ever. I wasn't…

  • Goodnight Mommy

    Goodnight Mommy


    Well... this has been on my list for quite some time now and I’m glad I watched it! It definitely had some unique and quite difficult to watch scenes that made this worth it, but I also really enjoy films that have deeper meaning below the surface than one would think, and this definitely had that.  The acting was decent, the story was interesting, it was a little lengthy, but I enjoyed this one! Definitely worth a watch, and will keep you guessing throughout leaving lots of open ended questions about what could be, but still fun to dissect and discuss!

  • Possum



    "Can you spy him deep within? Little Possum, black as sin."

    After a second re watch on a nice big 4K tv (Thanks Creasy007) I applaud this much more the second time around. There is alot to unpack here, and if you aren't good at piecing things together, this may be a difficult one to get a grasp on during the first viewing of "Possum". Deeply foreboding and metaphorical, I can absolutely say it is one of the strangest, most…

  • The Devil All the Time

    The Devil All the Time


    Honestly, this was so underwhelming to me that I completely forgot to write a review about it. I had higher expectations for it considering all the great reviews I've seen ranting and raving about the performances and don't get me wrong.. the performances are definitely what makes the film but I just felt unimpressed and mostly bored. I surprisingly liked Tom Hollands performance most even though I am not even a Tom Holland fan. I thought it was too lengthy…

  • Cabin Fever

    Cabin Fever


    Dude. This is one of the best horror movies ever to be honest. It’s one that has lived rent free in my brain since I saw it over there 10 years ago. I can’t help but be thankful for Eli Roth giving us this gem and can definitely say it’s a cult classic that doesn’t get nearly enough praise and recognition as it should.  Not only is it unique in its ways of gore, it’s one of those horror films…

  • Honeymoon



    I actually really liked this. I watched it a couple years back on Netflix and upon watching The Rental with my bf I was reminded of this hidden gem (I didn’t like the rental that much but remembered enjoying liking this movie much better) and suggested it. We’ve been diving into random scary movies to get in the Halloween spirit and this did not disappoint this time around either. It’s very to the point, mysterious, ambiguous and creepy and I…

  • 1BR


    Wow i dont know what i expected but this was trash.

  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    This movie literally made me think about ending things. 🔪🔪

    I can't tell you how much i adore Kaufmans "Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind" so i had high hopes for this but was unfortunately let down with the lengthy cut scenes, long ass metaphorical dialogue, and constant labyrinth of thoughts and imaginations. I feel like i figured out what was going on pretty early on in the film, and am shocked this is labeled as a "psychological horror film". I still enjoy Kaufmans work but this didn't do it for me. Not quite worth the 2+ hour experience.