WALL·E ★★★½

It is no secret that Pixar has the best animation techniques than any other company. Ever since this animation began with Toy Story they have been upgrading their films with more impressive eye catching and jaw dropping visuals. Wall-E is a film made with all the right ingredients: incredible animation, great story, good music, everything a film needs. It is a complete film which has it all and which makes it seem a movie you cannot give a negative review too. It is a very warm film and Wall-E is a very lovable character. It has great film references which will have the cinema lovers smiling. I especially enjoyed the references to Al in the Space Odyssey. The film has it all: great effects, interesting characters, incredible visuals, comedy, and romance. It is a movie that adults and kids will enjoy alike. However comparing it to DreamWorks latest movie, Kung Fu Panda, there is something missing. Perhaps as a critic you can find more mistakes and less impressive effects in Kung Fu Panda and you can also realize that Wall-E is a much better made movie as a whole, but in my opinion it was much less entertaining and not as funny as Kung Fu Panda. I found myself much more entertained and laughing more in this movie than I did with Wall-E although I know that at the end the robot will get the Oscar and the Panda will just be viewed as the blockbuster summer movie.

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