WALL·E ★★★★

May Scavenger Hunt 14 Challenge #3. A film you saw 5+ years ago in theatres but haven't seen since

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Boy am I ever glad I decided to give this movie a re-watch. Why did I not like this when I saw it as a kid? Maybe it was because I was at that age where I was "too old" for kids movies but not mature enough to enjoy them like adults do. Regardless, my opinion of this film has completely changed. I pretty much now agree with the general consensus that this film is pretty amazing. The first act is spectacular, and while the last act is a bit weaker it's still very strong. This has become my second favorite Pixar film after "The Incredibles", and this is coming from a person who doesn't exactly subscribe to the "Pixar are animation gods" circlejerk.

Rating: 8/10