Monsters, Inc.

Monsters, Inc. ★★★½

- Oddly not as good as I remember it. A lot of the early jokes start to lean into Shrek territory - not as cynical but maybe too kiddie and not funny enough. Also Billy Crystal, as in real life, needs to chill the fuck out. The movie definitely gets better in all ways the longer it goes on. I think it goes a little too hard in explaining the world with jokes but once the plot kicks in a lot of the kinks work themselves out.

- It’s eye rolling to gush over Pixar’s plotting, but this movie does a good job of setting up exactly where and what Mike and Sully need to do, and keep throwing wrenches at them with things they’ve set up earlier. It feels like when you have a dream where what you have to do is so easy but seemingly mundane things keep getting in your way, like your girlfriend with snake hair. 

- Some of the animation at the beginning feels really jerky, specifically spider boss. Maybe it’s a technical thing or a time thing, but some of Toy Story 1 felt better than this. 

- That said, the ending scene where Mike is doing his stand up is so, so good. The timing and the “just a second” mime is really beautiful. Sully slamming the door and his panicked breathing on the mountain is also great. A nice detail is that Sully can palm Mike like a basketball. 

- The door chase still rules. Such a cool idea executed so well. 

- I think a lot of the establishing shots are using matte paintings, which is a cool choice that I never noticed before. The pink / purple lighting throughout is very pleasing. 

- D-tier Randy Newman song ☹️

- After I saw this movie in theaters, my parents and I went to a pizza buffet that later shut down because they found out that someone had been urinating in the dough.