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  • Sleepover



    A quintessential teen movie from the 2000’s, Sara Paxton playing the popular girl, Evan Peters playing a skateboarder, a best friend moving away, the girl from Spy Kids, and fat shaming in the first 5 minutes. 
    The score even screams early 2000’s, and the way there are so many familiar faces in the movie really puts the nail in the coffin in terms of being an early 2000’s movie. 

    I will say, the painted wall in Julie’s room was kick ass and I would like it. My hobbies, similar to Julie’s also include dancing and eating cheese. 

    “We live in the suck universe”

  • Fubar II

    Fubar II


    Not as groundbreaking as the original, but chalk full of funny moments and heightened emotions (which was actually shocking — but in a good way).
    Love Terry & Dean, they've played these characters perfectly throughout the years. Watching this actually made me want to check out Fubar: Age of Computer, so I just might have to do that now.

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  • Requiem for a Dream

    Requiem for a Dream


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Requiem for a Dream has been one of my favourite movies for about ten years (yes I was watching this when I was 14 years old), and Darren Aronofsky has always been such a huge inspiration for myself and my art. 

    When I first saw this I was a teen with ADHD prescribed to Dexedrine. Though I didn’t fully understand the true throes of addiction, I had always been exposed to it, whether it was my own prescribed addiction, or…

  • Halloween


    Robert Zombie, what the fuck was this? 

    Listen, by absolutely no means did I expect this to be a cinematic masterpiece. I’ve seen this movie before, and already knew what I was getting myself into. 

    The tension? Non existent. The acting skills? Non existent (besides Dr. Loomis, I have to give the man props for sticking with this franchise every single time). The good shots? Also non existent. 

    Watching this movie was torturous. The editing was bad, the colour grading…