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  • Legend


    I was blown away by the sheer look of this film. But, thinking about it now, I’m not so sure about its take on monobrows. Tom Cruise sports what looks like his natural monobrow in this, and because his character is good, natural, and authentic, this suggests that we are meant to infer that monobrows are good, natural, and authentic as well. But then, when the forces of darkness give Princess Lili an “evil” makeover in an attempt to corrupt…

  • Hairat



    There’s a particular kind of loneliness I sometimes experience at nighttime, when existential dread creeps into my thoughts, and my mind is too sleepy to put up its usual shields, and I can’t use my surroundings to ground myself because all I see is black, and I can’t resort to companionship either because every creature in my house is sleeping. I had been thinking about this kind of loneliness shortly before deciding to watch this short film about a man…

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  • Nemesis



    There are a couple of scenes were a naked couple (a woman named Julian and a man named Billy) spy on an undercover cop and speculate on whether or not he may be a “shark”; at one point Julian tells Billy (who carries a homemade-looking tattoo that says “Billy” on his shoulder) that “sharks come in all shapes and sizes”; and one of the “terrorist” gangs in the film is known as the Hammerheads. Now, I watched this film with…

  • Jane Eyre

    Jane Eyre

    K got the DVD off Ebay because they were curious to revisit something they had found profoundly unsettling as a child. In particular they were curious to see whether the line “She is MAD” would still trigger their fear-centres. It didn’t—and neither did all the other things that scared them about this film when they were growing up, including the “Red Room” where child-Jane is locked as punishment for about three seconds before the opening credits start, the scene where…

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  • The White Sun of the Desert

    The White Sun of the Desert

    counting this as part of Wild West Summer 2021
    23 - Watch a Western with a particularly beautiful poster
    & also watched with the wonderful Collab

    Russian cosmonauts watch this before going into space. The night before perhaps? I’m guessing they watch this film because they see their future selves in Sukhov, pining after their homes and loved ones, as they navigate the infinite desert of space. And probably, also, because it’s short and breezy. And because it’s tradition. And while…

  • Tenement



    Watched with the wonderful Collab

    (1) The Actual Review

    Personally, and with the significant exception of Leona’s final scene, I did not find this film as brutal/disturbing/upsetting/intense as others have. I’m not saying it isn’t brutal/disturbing/upsetting/intense, or that I don’t get why others would use those adjectives to describe it; I’m simply saying that, with the exception of that one scene, *I* did not find it to be so. This is because, due to its extremely low-budget nature and a…