The Great McGinty ★★★★★

This movie breaks my damned heart. I love it so much.

Yes, it's a scathing satire. Yes, it has that great balance of sincerity and cynicism. Yes, it has some gloriously silly physical comedy and rapid af banter. Yes, it has an unexpected love story. Yes, the woman manages to be noble without being saccharine, functions as the man's conscience and still have her own identity. Yes, McGinty is one of the greatest antiheroes and Brian Donlevy's performance is so wondrously naturalistic. Yes, there's a very intriguing subtext I can't quite unpack yet about immigrants and the Murrican Dream.

But damnit, my heart breaks every time. I want to rewrite that ending every time. I want to write fan fiction for it. Instead I just feel very heavy and sad and soul-sore.

I'm so glad Preston Sturges got the first ever Oscar for Original Screenplay for this movie. This and Jordan Peele winning for Get Out are the two screenplay wins I will always applaud the Academy getting it fucken right for once. Twice.