Mystify: Michael Hutchence ★★★★★

The craft of this doco felt so organic and intimate, the subject so beloved, and the trajectory so devastating that I find myself infuckingcapable of any analysis or even coherence. It left me so raw I was flinching at every loud sound on my way to the bus stop.

He was so Aquarian. He is an awful example of why you should fucking LEARN to deal with shit on your own, why you need to learn healthy non-destructive ways to deal with your depression and your despair and all the darkness in your head. You cannot take refuge in other people, you have to face the Jabberwocky on your own. It’s the only way to win.

It was really unnerving to watch this as part of the Sydney Film Festival, watching it in the city that birthed INXS, where Michael performed from pubs to stadiums, where he took his own life. This city I love. 

Loved the roar of applause at the final title acknowledgement of stolen land and sovereignty never ceded. Every Australian film should end with that. Fuck!