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  • Good Neighbor Sam

    Good Neighbor Sam


    A goddamned delight even though it went a bit overlong. Loved the contrast of marriages, both hilarious and sweet in their own ways.

    I was especially impressed with Romy Schneider, I had no idea she could act as fiery as that. And Dorothy Provino was just divine from head to toe and her charming voice and so eloquent body language.

    Might have gotten into my top five fave Lemmon performances. Defs gunna rewatch a lot.

  • The Prize

    The Prize

    ngl I spent most of the time trying to work out why Nooman's hair was bothering me so much. Was it too long? Too fluffy? The wrong colour? What?

    Not to mention he completely confused me by being really hot in those godawful Buddy Holly glasses that I usually loathe. That man is a menace. Nooman, not Holly, poor Holly.

    The towel sequence was shameless pandering and I enjoyed it despite my grumbling. Though it did get me thinking about…

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  • The Great McGinty

    The Great McGinty


    This movie breaks my damned heart. I love it so much.

    Yes, it's a scathing satire. Yes, it has that great balance of sincerity and cynicism. Yes, it has some gloriously silly physical comedy and rapid af banter. Yes, it has an unexpected love story. Yes, the woman manages to be noble without being saccharine, functions as the man's conscience and still have her own identity. Yes, McGinty is one of the greatest antiheroes and Brian Donlevy's performance is so…

  • Mystify: Michael Hutchence

    Mystify: Michael Hutchence


    The craft of this doco felt so organic and intimate, the subject so beloved, and the trajectory so devastating that I find myself infuckingcapable of any analysis or even coherence. It left me so raw I was flinching at every loud sound on my way to the bus stop.

    He was so Aquarian. He is an awful example of why you should fucking LEARN to deal with shit on your own, why you need to learn healthy non-destructive ways to deal…