Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Where to start. With the good I suppose.
Its score does have its high points, with the orchestral rendition of 'Toxic'
Its 4th section/act begins strongly, with the revenge narrative reaching an adrenaline fueled high point, that keeps the conflict interesting with both emotional and physical dangers posed against all parties, and the emotional damage done to the antagonists is largely gratifying.
Several of the side characters such as the Father, and coffee shop owner are well written, with ranges of opinions and emotions that show between different scenes.

Now for the negatives.
The film seems to fail to understand the basic premise of a protagonist, and the basis of a positive moral outcome. Forgive me if I don't see the infliction of assisted sexual assault and rape on other women to create a favorable hero, even if this does turn out to be faked in both cases, and only done to provoke an emotional response from both women.
Not only this but the film merely covers old ground of Sam Levinson in a sloppier way, and to absolutely no favourable-avail.
Its exploration of intimate relationships plays out like a boring rerun of any romcom from the last several decades.
Its use of genders as opposing forces is laughable, with every single man in sight being a potential sexual predator. The film's only sympathetic male character is a spit drinking submissive, as if the only way to be an approachable and kind man is to explode into a frenzy of self-loathing tributes to the woman you so desire. And even he turns out to be yet another sexual predator. It's very hard to get on with a film when it feels as if the film in question is rejecting you as an audience member simply for existing.
The film is devoid of social nuance. Where a director like Levinson may incorporate ideas of social life in the modern age that are unique to him, this director seems as if she only understands the most basic level of communicating her perception of struggles based on gender and life as a woman.

I sincerely hope that I'm being a big dumb idiot and missing some kind of revenge story satire here.

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