Them! ★★★★

April Horror 2021, Day 15, challenge #21 - nasty animals

April 2021 will forever be the month I watched both the racial horror series "Them" and the giant ant movie Them! No, I didn't plan it that way. (I'm not sure how I felt about the series, I'm white and don't wanna step in something, but there's one scene where a couple is having a relationship argument over one of them not being a dedicated enough racist - you know, for US! *sob* - and God I hope that happens in real life bc it's hilarious. The rest of it - yikes.) Anyway, giant ants!

Look I love these old Random Creature Gets Big movies, even a bad one like The Giant Gila Monster I can get some enjoyment from, so a really good one like this or Tarantula! is right up my alley. Or sewer drain. Ah, the good old L.A. river. Possibly the ugliest landmark to appear in so many movies. I think this is the best use of it I've ever seen. Kinda loved the old drunk throwing shade - "one time it even had water in it!" LOL. The ants are honestly pretty creepy and my husband informed me he had to turn on the fan to drown out their high-pitched squeaking, so good job movie! Definitely check this out if it's your thing. I wish I could watch all these at a drive-in in an unnecessarily large car, as God intended.

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