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  • They're Watching

    They're Watching


    September Horror 2021, day 22, challenge #23 - found footage

    This is actually the 4th ff movie I've watched this month, but who's counting 🤷‍♀️ Anyway, WTF DID I JUST WATCH? You are not prepared! It starts pretty slow (well, after an opening sequence that spoils part of the ending :/ pls stop doing that movies!!) and you're like ok, this is a decent found footage movie, characters are a little annoying but kinda funny (Vladimir is awesome), I wonder…

  • The Skeleton of Mrs. Morales

    The Skeleton of Mrs. Morales

    September Horror 2021, day 21, challenge #15 - spanish language

    At no time did the skeleton wear a cute lil bow, zero stars! 😡

    Mexican Genderswapped Gaslight, but make it dark comedy? ok! This was pretty fun even if it failed to live up to the spoopy gothic-ness of the poster. In fact, this isn't spooky at all or even horror really. It's good for what it is, I guess I just wanted more of a horror element. That house…

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  • We Summon the Darkness

    We Summon the Darkness

    I Summon My Patience

    Damn, I loved the film I thought I was gonna see. Midwest Metalheads vs Bible Thumpers in a Satanic Panic brawl of doom, hells yeah! Don't listen to the summary, that is not the film we got. I'm not even sick of 80s nostalgia yet, if it's done well and not pandering. But House of the Devil, this is not. I might not have even known it was the 80s if they hadn't told us (well…

  • Malignant


    September Horror 2021, day 12, challenge #25 - dreams/nightmares

    kiinda love how the trailer made this look like some super-serious Conjuring shit and then we got this goofy bastid and people are maaaad 😂 That first scene, WTF? I thought it was gonna be some cheesy medical drama someone was watching but nope, actual part of the movie! Then bam! right into some 2003 police procedural opening credits, it's CSI: Malignant! (I'm not even kidding, there is a CSI team.)…