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    and i’m just driving and that’s it

    i feel like people might think that my passion for locke is just a bit. it is a little weird when my actual favorite thing becomes my semi fictionalized public persona’s main brand as well. i think i like it? it’s nice that this is the thing that i am legible to the world as (a locke lover). i think i’m finally going to write my longish locke review here.

    ~ spoilers, sorta…

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  • Venom: Let There Be Carnage

    Venom: Let There Be Carnage

    within the first scene, this movie was slammed off the rails and then proceeded to just careen around san francisco smashing into things for an hour and a half

  • Cruella


    At every second of the 134 minutes this movie ran, I asked myself one central question:

    Who asked for a Cruella De Vil origin story?

    I certainly did not. And nowhere in the film was I presented with a reason to! It's hard to put my feelings about Cruella into words without sounding like a bargain bin Scorcese-on-Marvel. But the cynical stench of corporate greed is overpowering throughout the movie, even in its moments of genuine fun. With each expensive…