Emilia has written 6 reviews for films rated ★★★½ during 2020.

  • Kwaidan



    Four separate ghost stories from Japan.

    This film and its visuals have been inspiring horror movies for decades and it's easy to see why. The decor is theatrical, the sound design very minimalistic and eerie, and there is only little dialogue. It gives the film a truly disturbing atmosphere. Quite effective for a horror movie.

    The movie was, however, a little slow-paced for me. At times at least. Damn my attention span that's too used to western films. But it's…

  • RBG



    Ruth Bader Ginsburg. RBG. What an inspirational lady.

    The documentary is very entertaining and thought-provoking, and it completes nicely the picture painted of her in the book Notorious RBG from 2015.

    Utterly dedicated to her job and the equality of genders, it felt very fitting that the story was told chronologically through her various achievements as an advocate and a Supreme Court Justice. With time and advancing age, she evolved from an unobtrusive bridge-builder to a more out-spoken opinion leader.…

  • Venus in Fur

    Venus in Fur


    I always have a bit of a hard time with Polanski's films. "You must separate the art from the artist" they say, but it's difficult sometimes.

    Still, I can't deny that this film is quite unique. Only two actors and one scene, that's all it takes. We have seen the two actors Seigner and Amalric together already at least in "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" from 2007, and their on-screen chemistry is undeniable.

    In the movie, an actress auditions…

  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl


    The wife goes missing and the husband becomes suspected of murder.

    Marriage story meets American psycho.

    I liked the feel of the movie and the mystery aspect of it. I also liked the fact that during the first third of the film I really had no idea who had done what. It might be partially due to me generally disliking Ben Affleck in anything, though. But in this case, it played to the movies advantage.

    The movie was slower pace…

  • From Up on Poppy Hill

    From Up on Poppy Hill


    My personal Studio Ghibli favourites are the movies with whimsical, imaginative and surreal worlds and creatures. "From Up on Poppy Hill" is on the realistic spectrum, and that's why, even though being a very good film, it doesn't sweep me off my feet.

    The story is not extraordinary either, but the wonder here comes from the portrayal of everyday life. And you'll still find some of the key components that make Ghibli films so special: minimalistic but effective conveying of…

  • Midsommar



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    A difficult one to review.

    I love horror movies and I'm quite picky with them. I view them as fairy tales for adults. This means that on some primordial level I always hope that the wicked get what they deserve and that the characters we root for get their revenge. And satisfaction ensues.

    The revenge part was there. But against who? Was the boyfriend really that bad? Honestly I didn't really care if he died or not. What about the…