John Wick

John Wick ★★★

Why is it that Keanu Reeves and action films go so well together? I like the fact that he's not that young anymore, he looks like real person (exept that he ages maybe ten time slower than the rest of us mortals...) and that he has that eerie look that he has seen some shit but also likes puppies.

This was the first John Wick that I've seen and it made the evening pass quite nicely. There's something VERY satisfying with a good old revenge story. The action sequences are chained one after the other and you don't have the time to catch your breath before the credits roll.

After a while though the fighting becomes a bit repetitive, and the characters remain shallow. But I like the dark universe that they created with the assassins' code that you have to follow including the safe house (or safe hotel), the fact that you know the other killers like they were any other co-workers etc.

But animal cruelty is something that triggers me hard. Instant waterworks, I can't help it.