Tenet ★★★★★


I'm actually fucking speechless, there is no words to describe how much I loved this film.

As he has earned recognition and budgets, Nolan never stops to impress. At this point in his career, it is so easy for someone to make an accesible blockbusters that everyone loves, but not for Nolan. Even though this is his biggest film yet, it is also his most experimental, and his craziest as well. This is by far the biggest thing he has ever done.

The idea of time inversion in this movie is crazy, and he manages to take full advantage of it. There are so many sequences that still blow my mind away as some of the best Nolan has ever done.

Everybody here does a fantastic job and it is very apparent that this film takes everything out of them, which is just a pleasure to watch. The score, the direction, and much more is just so good.

Also, John David Washington makes his place as one of the best actors working today. He is working with the best people and making a fantastic career because of it. Pattinson is phenomenal here as well, but we already know he is an unmatched talent that is some of the biggest forces in acting today.

I want to talk very briefly about the cinematography by Hoyte van Hoytema and what he is able to do with Nolan. The images here are breathtaking. Throughout every single scene, I was sitting there in amazement of what they were able to achieve. If The Academy at least doesn't recognize this and the orgasmic score that is definitely one of the best that you can find in any of his films, they are beyond stupid.

Nolan has been experimenting lately with making films that are plot above all. The characters here do not have foundations as such at first, but as the film progresses and you get engrosses more into this story, everything becomes nothing short of mindblowing. I had no problems with it in Dunkirk, and I certainly don't now.

Also, I must say that the third act of this movie is the most unique, complex, and biggest thing Nolan has ever done. I fucking roared through it, it is breathtaking. It has some of the best filmmaking of all time.

(I've read that many people had many problems with the sound mixing and couldn't hear many scenes, but I never encountered that problem)

This is top tier Nolan at his finest work, period. Everybody should see this movie and discuss it, because it has more to chew on than any other film this year. Can't wait to watch it again to enjoy it as much or even more than I did in this watch.


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