Tenet ★★★

I will say, this is probably the best movie I could have seen after months of not being able to go to a theater. The visuals, the sound, the music, it was all so cinematic in the best spectacle way. However, this movie is so stupid bro. Like it's so stupid. I don't care. It's a cool concept, and there's definitely some moments when the time element is used in a really cool way, but 90% of this movie is just empty plot created to make a pretty shallow concept feel intelligent, complex, and thoughtful. It's not intelligent, complex, or thoughtful. This movie is literally just a series of tasks that Nolan tries to make feel important but it's all too stupid to care about what's happening. Literally would have been fine with this film if it just leaned more into the action cool time stuff than tried to be intelligent and deep. It's a 2.5 hour music video. A very cool music video, sure. But there's no good story here. I also felt the editing was either really strong or really weak there was no in-between.

Also, I heard criticism that Hoytema completely dropped the ball on lighting John David Washington and I was curious to see if that criticism had any grounds, and it totally does. Washington's face is underexposed in more scenes than not and that just has to be a mistake bro. Let's light POC how they should be lit, okay? Thanks :)

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