Raiders of the Lost Ark

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This review may contain spoilers.

What can i say about one of the most beloved action-adventure films?
Well,it was made with love...and fucking balls.
If you ask yourself constantly why people don´t make movies like this anymore might be because people didn´t have Steven Spielberg and George Lucas´s childhood.
Think it about, Who are the Spielbergs and Lucas of our time? Well,the time will say but i think the best filmmakers always pay homage to the classics:

-Nolan clearly grew up with James Bond,2001 and The Matrix
-Fincher obviously love watching Noirs like Chinatown,Orson Welles films,John Huston films and Hitchcock films.
-Tarantino,well. he pretty much pays homage to pretty much every epoque and it´s evident in his films).
-Edgar Wright grew up with movies like Dawn of the dead,Point Break,The Matrix ,etc
-Taika Waititi grew up with Ghostbusters,Big trouble in little China,Terrance Malick and Tarkovsky,really.

You get the idea: Movies like Indiana Jones can still be made but it takes a shit ton of effort. A shit ton of time. A shit ton of...stunt policy shit. I don´t know. It all sounds expensive and risky as fuck and i love it ! So yeah,i understand why people don´t make movies like this...maybe i should rewatch Mad Max Fury Road.
Everything,and i mean,everything is Iconic

-The booby traps in the temple
-The golden idol that pretty much self-destroys the temple. I had a Mandela Effect because I thought the iconic scene where Indy picks his hat was in this movie.
-The giant boulder that chases Indiana. CLASSIC !
- The shootout in Nepal . Everything is on fire ! Everyone is fucking bleeding ! MARION RAVENWOOD, YOU HAVE EGGS !!
[Note to hollywood: If you are writing female characters,always write them as smartasses.]
-The choreography in El Cairo Sequence. I mean,it might be a bit slapstick-y for someone,but dude,Buster Keaton and Chaplin would be proud of scenes like those. It´s no surprise that this is one of Spielberg´s most storyboarded films. Can you imagine all the work of the illustrators?
- The scene in which a swordsman challenges Indy to a sword fight and then,he just shoots the guy.
-The search for the Ark and the gorgeous use of Orange in the digging. Jesus christ. And then,it comes a storm that looks kinda crappy today,but good lord, This was something out of this world.
-When Marion is trapped in the plane and she uses the gun turret to Kill The Nazis. And she shots a gasoline tank that covered the entire area. Then, fire was slowly spreading while Indy is fighting a giant guy,who by the way,dies in the most gruesome way possible: a airplane propeller slices his fucking body. FATALITY.
-The truck chase sequence in which Indy punches some guys,while the nazis shoots him...And then somehow,Indy ends up behind the truck...Some place in Ohio,Chris Stuckmann is ejaculates with this scene.
-Jones gets over a submarine...that was kinda dumb.
-Oh you have a Bazooka,Indy...
Shia Labeouf: JUST DO IT
-Who the hell told Belloq to dress like a Pharaoh?
-When the ark is opened,you can feel nothing but satisfaction that those nazis are melted to death by ghosts and lightnings. That´s some bloody fucking shit a lá FUCKING Paul Verhoeven film. That almost gets R Rating baby.
-The Ark is kept in Area 51...Wtf USA send it to Hitler ! Let his ass fry like chicken !

Pretty much everything works in this movie: The iconic John Williams Score,Douglas Slocombe´s vibrant and astonishing camera movements,the editing by Michael Kahn...It´s pretty much a masterpiece. Film School 1.1.
If i´m not giving this movie a 5 stars,it would be because there is a hinting that Indiana might be pedophile? I know romance between minors and elders were usual in the 1920´s,but wouldn´t make this much of a deal if it wasn´t for the fact Marion said "I was just a child" and "You ruined my life". Like WTF

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