I hand out 5 stars like Leo' throws money off his yacht sry (see: Wolf of Wall st; see: memes)

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  • Unhinged



    I think I'm traumatized from this movie.

    I will never... honk my horn again...

  • Wolfwalkers



    This magical movie was FANTASTIC and touching and so so lovely to watch. Glowing 2D animation and full of classic fairy tale themes of good versus evil, following your instincts, and bravery. I just absolutely loved it. It is the coziest movie and I can't wait to watch it in the fall especially.

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  • Room



    My immediate reaction to this film: Flawless.

    One of the most visceral movie going experiences I have had. Such a brilliant, painstakingly human film about the most horrible of circumstances.

    Not surprised that there is talk about nominations for John Tremblay - unbelievable performance. Oh my god.
    And Brie Larson, as always, was completely raw and present the whole time.

    Joan Allen and Tom McCamus, as well as William H. Macy, were excellent accompaniments to this piece.

    I just feel…

  • Life Itself

    Life Itself


    "Movies are like a machine that generates empathy."