Moxie ★★★

This film was a cute coming of age story. It had a tendency to be a little bit preachy at times because they had so many topics that they wanted to cover, all of them very important.

This friendship group of the girls just formed seemingly out of nowhere and we don’t really get to know most of them too well. I loved Claudia’s storyline and I think it was integral to show some of the fallbacks of the Moxie movement as we are dealing with teenage girls making a movement, it’s never going to be perfect. Lucy’s character was also very nicely written and performed. I wish Emma Cunningham’s character had been explored more, it’s sort of like we just hear them talking about her and that’s really it. 

I liked the relationship between Vivienne and her mother but at times it did flip really drastically. In the beginning it seemed like they were this super cute unit and then it was written like they weren’t. 

I will say some of the cast look a little...old. Patrick Schwarzenegger and the actor who played his friend (I don’t remember the character even having a name) look far too old to play teenagers. 

What I will say is the most exciting part of the film is the relationship shared between Seth and Vivienne. They are the absolute cutest thing I’ve seen. So so adorable and believable. It wasn’t awkwardly written, no cheesy lines just cute. 

I do commend the film for not doing the annoying thing teenage centred media does which is throwing in a million pop culture references and social media lingo. They actually speak pretty normally to each other. 

Overall, the film is cute, if a bit simplistic. Some good performances and still very enjoyable