The Last Movie

The Last Movie ★★★★★

For my 10,000th log, I wanted to do something special, so I decided to touch specifically upon a film I deeply adore but, for some reason, have yet to log on Letterboxd. Maestro Dennis Hopper’s seemingly implausible but potentially successful attempt to reject the inherent post-modern nature of all art, and invent a novel or at least incredibly idiosyncratic approach to the organization of the image — montage through the cutting & cutting, and eventual annihilation of a traditional visual language, (meta-)contextualized by sociopolitical exploitation (outright imperialism) and, of course, the necessary audiovisual bedlam that comes along with such catastrophic colonialist behavior. Tones constantly shifting, paces suddenly progressing & regressing, sporadic back-and-forths between smooth contemplation and immeasurable (& indeed psychologically irritating, but affecting) rapidity. An endorsement of flux as the purest methodology behind its formalist aspects, while all of the varied cultural exploration is radically investigated through impressionistic shades of feeling, and the darkness of both a dying, emotion-driven dream & an egocentric, destructive delusion. Perfectly paradoxical and revolutionarily one of a kind, so much so that, to no surprise, it has been aggressively and tragically dismissed.

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