HyperNormalisation ★★★★★

Hoop-Tober, year three, film #18:

A towering postmodern, post-media masterpiece regardless of the fact that it hypernormalizes and thus (inconsequentially) oversimplifies its own historical-to-contemporary investigation of hypernormalization, due to it addressing this potential shortcoming by promptly asserting that art/creative expression, which the film certainly knows that it is, hypernormalizes and therefore (irrelevantly) paraphrases the subject matters that it takes into consideration & critiques, by existing in a realm separate from reality - documentaries as well, of course - ergo any qualms that I could've possibly had with the piece were instantly and, almost by force, rendered valueless & vacant; a film, as many are, constructed just as purposefully for the dialogue that it will inevitably provoke between its speculators as it was for the content alone, re: reading responses and discussions from observers following their viewings has been just as fascinating & fruitful as reading the audiovisual text of the film itself.

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