Love Exposure

Love Exposure ★★★★


There's something quite incredible in seeing a film, that will be manipulated afterward to apply itself to a television format in regards to its pacing and editing, and still feel as powerful as the first time around.

That's not to say this particular version is better, there are slight pacing issues that are avoided in the theatrical version that are present here, I think that's more because of the format of this new version. Some episodes end on a rising note that is bound to negatively affect the tension and the excitement if one were to not watch the entire thing in one go. That being said, I didn't find this too problematic on my end, but others might. Also, the film doesn't add any new ideas that are already present in the theatrical version, so one could gather what this film is presenting with the shorter version rather than this longer one.

However, I still found a lot of it to be quite powerful and has helped me understand the nuances of the film even more. Perhaps that could have been done without watching the extended version, but, I still found a lot of enjoyment in watching all of the episodes back to back.

I would say, between the two cuts, go with the theatrical one. This particular one isn't bad, but one could gather everything they need to know about the film and its ideas from the theatrical version. Although, I'm interested to see how this version would work (or not work) if a single episode were to be watched on a daily basis, or in any other way of structuring a schedule to fit this cut of the film.

There are about 38 minutes of added footage in this cut. Perhaps it really was unnecessary, however, the film still felt powerful in its messaging and overall scope.

Love Exposure is still a wonderful experience that will likely stay at 5 stars for the theatrical cut.

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