Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★½

Charactures of men as sharks, swimming in a city ocean that's more blood than water.

My boy Jason Statham is the hard cunt alpha amongst the hard cunt alphas, fuelled on hatred and vengeance, blowing everyone away with a stoic nonchalance. There's no room for emotions. There's no room for conversation. Everyone talks in quips, threats and verbal posturing. Scotty Eastwood falling as far away from his Dad's apple tree as he could. Clint would have his pants down if he was in this film.

Solid, angry, menacing, and with none of Ritchie's usual cleverness or sense of humour. Wrath of Man is the most serious he's ever been and it's a wonderful thing.

This is how you do mindless action. Paper thin, full of impact and violence threaded through everything and pulled taut, loudly threatening to snap until it does.

Wrath of Man is Ritchie stood over Snyder with a pistol in hand, telling him to suck his own cock.

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