Burning Shadow ½

What was this? Are we supposed to root for the lead character who not only is an opportunistic creep but also a rapist? But oh I guess it's okay, because he claims to love and tries to befriend, then ultimately save his rape victim from a life of addiction? And other characters sexually abuse her too, so you know, what's one more incident? Like WTF, how misinformed and insensitive can a film be and still make it past all the steps towards being released? Or is it trying to show that people aren't two-dimensional and believe themselves to be good despite their actions? Or is it supposed to be dubious whether he is a bad guy or not until further along in the film? Because as soon as he (pretty early in the story) has sex with someone when they are unconscious, it's kind of clear cut whether the audience should be rooting for him or not. Also, the ending was so predictable.