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  • Leviathan



    Let me get this out of my chest here: I envy every living person who got to see this one on a proper cinema screen.

    Regarding the movie: all I can think is how perplexed I am that this movie can "renounce" cinema and "affirm" cinema at the same time.

  • Sans Soleil

    Sans Soleil


    My pal Hayao Yamaneko has found a solution: if the images of the present don't change, then change the images of the past.
    He showed me the clashes of the sixties treated by his synthesizer: pictures that are less deceptive he says—with the conviction of a fanatic—than those you see on television. At least they proclaim themselves to be what they are: images, not the portable and compact form of an already inaccessible reality. Hayao calls his machine's world the…