The Woman in the Window ★★½

Hmmmm so many thoughts about this long delayed movie. Imagine having a movie made by fox searchlight(now searchlight), directed by joe Wright after darkest hour, starring Amy adams!! Gary oldman who won an Oscar for his prev Wright movie, academy award winner Julianne Moore, two captain America’s(Mckey and Russell), Tracy letts, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Brian Tyree..... and based on a wildly popular best seller and somehow end up with a “bad movie” bought by Netflix? Lol what are the odds.

Anyways fw to reshoots after “bad test screenings, many delays, it’s finally out and while everyone is trashing it... I’m not mad at it! Look I laughed A LOT at how bad some scenes were. I acknowledge this is not a good movie at all... but I rate my movies based on how much I liked them, was I entertained by it? and it’s technical aspects.. this was helped a lot by being so trashy, I love trashy mindless popcorn Movies. Who doesnt? That’s exactly how I see this movie. Just a movie perfect Thats for a Friday Netflix movie. It feels right at home at Netflix. It’s free, you don’t have to spend on it. It’s the perfect “Netflix trashy thriller”. I feel like this will be a hit for them it has all the ingredients for the regular Netflix user to watch it.

I had a good time. There’s a balance of good things and very tragic things here. Amy is actually ok, much better than her over the top hellbilly performance. I am not a fan of hammy oldman at all tho. He over acts all the time when is not needed and this was the same... just weird seeing without his usual “transformations”. The rest of the star studded cast is just there. Typical messy thriller.. no one really gets to do much. No one is a stand out performance wise at all.

The first two thirds while not perfect, twere mostly ok. The build up, getting info of what might be really happening was mostly good. There’s some obvious homage to classic thrillers movies like rear window here. While obviously not being as good , the influence is there. They tried lol... it’s not until we get to the third act(without spoiling the twists) when the movie somehow becomes more of a joke. It suddenly becomes a horror slasher and this is when I lost it lmao. There’s a chase scene that’s straight up reminds me of scary movie(the parody one with Regina hall as Brenda). It was so so bad, I couldn’t stop laughing. Another one where everyone is gathered in one room and everyone is acting horrible lmao! Oh man. See, I tried to have a good time with time even in the bad parts and I did. For people who expected this to be a more serious, more Oscar potential movie.. this will be such a let down. For the ones who knew this was bad since 2019... it won’t be. Just enjoy the messy drive. Remember that is just a Netflix movie now, for free!! And you might not hate it despite all the messiness.

The woman in the window is now out on Netflix

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