Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★½

Cassie: Every week, I go to a club. I act like I’m too drunk to stand. And every week a nice guy comes over to see if I’m okay.

Guys... I watched this almost three weeks about it I wanted to wait it’ll I watched it again. Wow. You think you know where is going based on the trailer you have no fucking idea. At all!

Emerald wrote this and it was her directorial debut as well... imagine the potential she has if this is your debut? Long story short this is my favorite movie of the year.

The visuals, the colors, the music they used. Everything is perfect and carefully chosen. Every song that’s played in the scenes where it’s played has a purpose. Good lord. Ugh. The stars are blind scene... probably my favorite scene of the year or at least top 3. The toxic instrumental in THAT scene... ah emerald you are a genius.

Now... let’s talk about the star. Carey fucking mulligan. It’s been 10 year or so since her first Oscar nom and she keeps giving us amazing performances all the time that are always snubbed and don’t even get the attention they deserve most recently in wildlife. What she does in this movie is brilliant. She captures Cassie mental state so well all thorough out the movie. When she’s fragile, when she’s empowered, when she’s finally happy... when she’s disappointed and angry. In a perfect world she’d win the Oscar but I’m happy that at least it seems like she’ll deff get a nom. If they awarded Joaquin last year for joker they should have no problem giving it to her.. oh wait she’s a woman. She’s after gross men.. looking for revenge. Cassandra is a very flawed and damaged individual who was changed after a very traumatic incident. She was never the same... every single character here has a purpose in Cassandras journey. The whole cast gets a little scene with her to shine. Shoutout to Bo burnham who provides a lot of comedic relief to cassies darker side. The stars are blind scene between the two is just magical.

It all builds up t a very crazy and unexpected last 10-15 min that will leave you shook af. Do not spoil yourself and let yourself discover what happens. My mouth was wide open for at least 10 min after we left the theater. Holy shit. The ending has been very polarizing but I thought it
Was needed. I wish I could see cam reaction of people watching it.. I wish I could’ve seen THAT in a theater fully PACKED. Ugh fucking Covid.

So.. yes promising young woman is basically my favorite movie of 2020 with Carey giving my favorite performance of the year BY FAR as well. Check it out whenever you get a chance emerald is one to watch.

Oscar possibilities:
Realistically- actress, best original screenplay

Long shots/ almost imposible: best movie and best director, make up and hairstyling

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