Cold War

Cold War ★★★★★

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I needed to cleanse my cinephile soul after watching that abomination that was Serenity and boy oh boy. What a great film this was. This was everything I expected and more since it premiered @ Cannes and read all the raves it got.

Cold War is Poland's Academy submission for Best Foreign Film and it was nominated along with best director and cinematography. Cold War is a love story about two lovers with different ideas of life, backgrounds and goals but when love is strong those things can be overcome. The movie starts from the time they meet across several years until they finally together for good.

The leads are outstanding and they were perfectly cast for their parts. I was very impressed with Joanna Kulig. Her performance as Zula was one of the best female performances from 2018 wow. Believe the hype about her(and the movie) she was so enigmatic and I could get my eyes off her especially everytime she sang and was on stage(Ally Maine who? jk). She is part of some performing group and they dress in typical/native Polish clothes and they way they sing is so beautiful lol.. its weird to explain because I normally wouldn't like that but I wanted to keep seeing them especially that one song that says her mother forbade her to love a man. If you've seen it you know which one I'm talking about. I was hypnotized by that song/performance.

Beautiful cinematography, great performances, Cold war is one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. Its playing now @ cinemas in the US. Please go watch it if its playing in your city or near you. It really made me forget I watched one of the weirdest(and not in a good way cuz I love weird movies) and pointless movies I've seen in a long time.

PS: I was going to give this 4 stars but you know what.. the movie its only 1.5 hours and that is rare nowadays. No unnecessary scenes or extra storylines this is the perfect length. It actually made me want more. Extra points for that.

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