Minding the Gap

Minding the Gap ★★★★★

watched with commentary between bing, zack, and keire, which was recorded last year. i’m not sure i’ve ever listened to commentary that took place years after a release, especially for a documentary where people had to watch previous versions of themselves. in many ways it made it feel like a follow up doc — one that put into perspective how much has been projected onto the subjects.
but regardless of that, i think what makes bing such a singular voice is his way of asking questions, but also his ability to sit back and let people ask questions of themselves. in the commentary, zack & keire often disagree on social issues and approaches to dealing with conflict. but it’s not without love. just like with the film itself, it seems like they are pushing each other towards something, and you almost forget that bing is there guiding them. there is a lot of trust between them to speak freely. it’s what made the documentary work in the first place — the breathing room, the trust, and the courage on bing’s part to continue to dig deeper. idk... each time i watch it, it climbs higher on my favorites list but becomes harder for me to describe. it’s so immersive in its specificity. so patient and receptive. so incomplete, in the way life is. there is no conclusion, only a promise to move forward.

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