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  • EverAfter



    One of many Cinderella retellings. But this movie is one of my favorite during childhood and it's still a pleasure to watch. It has some fun scenes in it and I can't help but still love it since today. Just seeing it reminds me of my childhood and how different life was back then.

  • Ballerina



    Well for a Friday it was an easy watch. Nothing spectacular in story nor animation and very predictable but watchable.

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  • Tenet



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Thanks to several information's I totally knew leaving the cinema after Tenet is like going in and start watching Tenet.

    It was a pure mindblowing blast and I think that I can feel proud of what I understand at least after its first time watching. I left the cinema with many open question's like Kat's timeline or how many versions from the same person can be around at the same time and how? Not to start thinking about the inverted…

  • Crawl



    Crawl surprises me with it's tension and attacks. I liked the survival fight while some character decision was truly questionable. For sure I was waiting for a jumpscare in every corner but it was a fun watch.