Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver ★★★★

“You're only as healthy as you feel.”

This is without a doubt a great movie but I still had some issues with it. 
The pacing was generally pretty slow, which worked well and gave some good buildup but the middle of the movie just went on for too long and even got a bit boring, which actually gave the movie a bit too much buildup considering how little ended up happening. The action was great when it happened though and had some good violence and cinematography. I have mixed feelings about the ending too, as I get what they were trying to say but I still feel like it came out wrong. 
Travis Bickle is an interesting character and the movie gives a good character study of him, but some of his actions still felt a bit too stupid (why would you take your date to an adult movie theater???) and i kinda wanted the movie to give him more reasons to go mad, as it would have made everything a bit more believable.
I realize that most of the review sounds a bit negative right now but I still really enjoyed the movie. 
The movie is filled with masterful directing from Martin Scorsese and it is visually impressing in most of it’s scenes, while also feeling very realistic in it’s violence and portrayal of the society. 
The acting was great and the twelve year old Jodie Foster was flawless in her few scenes as the young prostitute. Robert De Niro also fit his character perfectly and did a great characterization of a lonely outsider, who pushes people away because he thinks he is better than everyone else, while he slowly starts losing it.

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