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  • The Empire Strikes Back
  • Persona
  • In the Mood for Love
  • Stalker

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  • Blow-Up


  • Truman & Tennessee: An Intimate Conversation


  • Behind Every Good Man

  • What Really Happened to Baby Jane

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  • Blow-Up



    Apparently the production was shut down due to going wildly over budget and Antonioni cobbled this together from the footage he had. Suddenly what I watched makes sense. Or rather, it makes sense that it makes little sense.

  • Thief


    Noirvember 2021 #10

    Once again as with The Friends of Eddie Coyle, what is with these 70s neo-noirs and racial slurs? Stop it. Knock it off. Jeez. I was all ready to unreservedly love the cold metallic color palette, the composition, the score, that heist scene... and now I have a huge reservation.

Popular reviews

  • Heartstone



    MSPIFF 2017 #11

    Accepting yourself as a queer person usually isn't a matter of some singular event forcing you to face it, followed by catharsis, even though that's conventionally dramatic. Especially when you're young and growing up in an anti-queer culture, it can take years of internal struggle. The boys in this film struggle with it for over two hours, and probably will continue to struggle with it into their adulthood. There is no big revelatory moment of self-discovery, there…

  • Logorama


    Oh I get it, it's funny because it's a Pringles logo sexually assaulting an Esso mascot instead of a human man groping a woman, thank u banksy