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Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★★★★

Why Snyder got Batman and Joker right (Minor Spoilers)

In the brief scene we get Between Ben Affleck’s Batman and Jared Leto’s Joker, Director Zack Snyder eloquently shows his profound understanding of these characters in a way no one on screen ever has. The push pull dynamic Batman and Joker have is beautifully directed by the visionary Zackary Snyder. 

As Mera disgustingly taunts Batman for never loving someone, Joker laughs knowing the truth. He appears out of nowhere to come to Batman’s defense. Batman initially facing away from Joker, instantly turns around his entire body inviting and focusing on Joker. Joker still looks away playing hard to get as he lists the people Batman had loved, “Like a father, like a mother-“ with a close up of Batman expressing his feeling of claustrophobic fear, Batman interrupts Joker afraid he’ll reveal their truth. Joker knows this and slowly turns teasing Batman by saying, “like an adopted son.” 

Joker reveals he has prepped up for Batman with his mascara, lipstick, and make up. He even grew out his hair for Batman. As Joker pushes with his intercourse, “Maybe that smelly old flounder is right. Because how many can die in your arms before you rub them dead?” Batman pushes in slowly circling the Joker like a predator ready to pounce his prey. He plays with Joker feeding the fire, “That’s not very careful.” He knows this game, he’s been playing it almost his entire life. “Now how many dead eyes can you look into before you die inside yourself?” Joker keeps pushing until Batman reveals his truth. “I’ve been dead inside a long time.” 

The amazing cinematography pictures Batman on the right and Joker on the left in a close up side profile with half the frame empty to be filled by each other, as the sunset representing their feelings penetrates through. Batman tries to control the fire burning inside of him, but he lashes out at Joker for their past. Joker knows how to control his beast, and shows his true colors, “Before what bruce, you kill me? You won’t kill me, I’m your best friend.” Joker moves in closer before he finishes on Batman, “Besides who’s gonna give you a reach around.” Batman is shot at an uncomfortable angle, but the subtle acting shows Batman’s relief at what he has exposed as he licks his lips knowing what’s coming. “You need me.” Joker repeats twice. 

In the following conversations Joker keeps pushing and pulling leaving hints for Batman, “Frankly, you don’t have the cohones to die yourself.” Joker tired of the foreplay says, “As usual, I’ll be the bigger man.” and blows a card out of his red lips holding it with 2 fingers offering Batman what they’ve wanted all this time. “A truce, Bruce.” But Joker asks for something in return. They want to play as much before the climax. “Why you sent the boy wonder to do a man’s job.” Batman fiercely strikes back with “That’s funny, if you’re going to talk about people that died in my arms, you missed one bloody Harley Quinn... with her last breath she begged me, that when I’d kill you— and make no mistake I will fucking kill you, that I’d do it slow.” (Emphasis on the fucking). Wow. What a riveting relationship. Batman forcefully takes the card as music plays in the background, Joker smiling with his hair waving in the apocalyptic wind. 

It all makes sense now. Their hatred but love for each other. Batman took his partner and Joker took his partner, when in reality all they wanted was each other. The sexual tension is the building block of their dynamic. The subtext masterfully shows why Zack Snyder decided to kill Dick Grayson instead of Jason Todd. Real Batman and Joker fans will appreciate this complex thematic relationship. Batman says he will fucking kill Joker slowly?! Awesome. This is the homoerotic subtext that is important in a Batman and Joker relationship... In conclusion Snyder got Batman and Joker right. That’s just one scene filled with so much meaning and depth. Imagine the rest of the 4 hour epic. It’s truly a masterpiece. 

And if you still don’t believe that Batman is gay for Joker, then to make it more perfect, Bruce wakes up. That’s right, this was a dream all along. A wet dream perhaps. Bruce was imagining Joker with long hair, make up, mascara, lipstick, telling him “Besides who’s gonna give you a reach around.” If that isn’t objective ANALytic proof that Batman x Joker is real, then I don’t know what is. Thank you Zack Snyder, Ben Affleck, and Jared Leto for this genius directing, acting, and dialogue.

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