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This review may contain spoilers.

A Review of Avengers: Endgame from a Casual Marvel Fan:

I rewatched Infinity War two days before seeing this film to be fully prepped for what may come. I remembered it as a fully avoidable mess of a film and upon rewatch realised it was indeed a weightless, mass slaughter and I had just (on accident) given myself low hopes for Endgame… oops!

Endgame picks up from Thanos snapping his fingers, when half of everything living is ‘vanished’. However, instead of the flourishing world he envisioned, Earth has become a global funeral home for people to wonder ‘round in a state of collective mourning. This then leads to the overall themes of the whole film being acceptance and moving on, an ironic shift from Infinity War’s themes of failure. This is one of many directions the film could have taken but a great choice as it allows a return to character and relationships - it (fairly) elegantly brings eleven years of interconnected films to a (kind-of) end…

Time travel is the big solve of this film, to go back and perform a ‘time-heist’ to get the stones before Thanos. Of course all the rules of time travel must be thought out before doing this and to make the audience understand some of the more science-y terms used there are references to time travel films… countless times… an annoying amount of times… this made the first ten minutes of this idea interminable for me but, after that, it swiftly became one of my favourite parts of the entire film.

After splitting into teams and successfully retrieving each stone, they reverse the effects through a cool Iron Man Infinity Gauntlet… but meddle with time and time will meddle back. This all culminates in an impressive Lord of the Rings scale final battle between Thanos’ army and the re-assembled Avengers which houses a few nice notes (e.g all the MCU women supporting Captain Marvel), however it still suffers from CGI steroids. Of course, contrary to Infinity War’s finale, the ‘heroes’ come out on top - this is indeed a comic-book movie with starkly drawn lines between good and evil and unapologetically reductive storytelling (however there is still room for real emotion throughout).

That outcome, obviously, involves a good-bye. The end of Iron Man. Tony started the MCU in 2008 and came in as the most selfish, egotistical man on the planet and remained that way, for the most part. So for Stark to choose to give up his family for the sake of the universe gives a satisfying character arc.

To conclude through scenes from the end of the film, Steve Rogers’ departure from the MCU is played out by him taking care of some final time-heist details, where he decides to jump out of the timeline and live a full life as a regular man married to his one-time sweetheart. Or in other words and more poignantly, accepting mortality. When Cap is asked what a ‘normal’ life was like, he responds ‘it was beautiful’. That’s what this was, a beautiful, emotional conclusion to an eleven year journey so many have enveloped themselves in and it’s left me wanting to go back and rewatch the journey I’ve never cared to dive deeply into. Pure spectacle, pure Marvel and sent my low expectations sky-high.


a couple sidenotes:

-things i loved:
the very first scene, a one shot with Hawkeye’s family vanishing, touching from the start.
the wide, western style, shot between cap and thanos during the big finale.
everything with spiderman.

-things i hated:
some of the ‘marvel humour’.
every time they were in a bad spot how captain marvel would swoop in and save the day.
how the structure is still very messy at times - but i understand this is near unavoidable with everything that needed to happen.
...also how iron man's death made me cry...

-things i hate that i loved:
the scene where thor yells at a child playing fortnite (and the fact they were playing it).