• Nemesis



    Albert Pyun has never gotten the respect he deserves as an action maestro.
    This movie is science fiction b-movie action goodness, through and through. 
    Gunfights, explosions, cyborgs, and some incredible over-the-top imaginative action sequences that were very openly copied by bigger budgeted action flicks for well over a decade afterwards.
    $2 million, and it looks like many times more.
    THAT is the mark of a damn good director.
    Oliver Gruner doesn’t get enough respect as an action hero, either. You…

  • Never Back Down: Revolt

    Never Back Down: Revolt


    This is a “Women in Prison” movie with MMA.
    Funny thing is that I was more emotionally engaged with this entry than I was expecting.
    I had low expectations, but this was better than I was led to believe.
    Decent fighting, better than expected acting from the cast, save the brother character, and a last half-hour that was fairly satisfying, if a bit trope-heavy. 
    It worked for me, 3am on a Sunday night.
    It was worth the rental, for sure.

  • Never Back Down

    Never Back Down

    Posturing *COUGH* high schoolers in a Karate Kid knock-off featuring flashy posing fights for the dudebro crowd. 
    I’d like it more if it weren’t trying so hard to be the Fast & the Furious for the MMA crowd.
    Watch the sequels. Less “Ain’t we just SO fucking cool?” fights, and more about actual martial arts. 
    Decent stunts, but it’s all crowd-pleasers, and little substance.

  • The Empty Man

    The Empty Man


    I have now watched this 8 times.
    It is a CRIME that there’s no physical release for THE EMPTY MAN.
    It lines up rather well with the subject of the movie, but I’d still prefer a physical copy over streaming it any time I want to watch.
    If you’re a fan of cosmic horror, the SCP wiki, or Lovecraftian horror/mysteries, then THE EMPTY MAN is something you’ll likely appreciate.

  • Lamb



    I’ve been thinking about this movie for days.
    Watched it two days ago, and it’s just phenomenal how they managed to present folklore onscreen so perfectly.
    Noomi Rapace is the beating heart of LAMB, and with the slow, measured pace, it makes it all the more powerful when you get emotionally involved with her story.
    More than that, I am not going to say, lest I spoil anything for folks out there.
    I’m buying LAMB, in case you didn’t know how much I enjoyed it.

  • The Matrix Resurrections

    The Matrix Resurrections


    First impressions: I LOVED this movie.
    Everything about this movie is about breaking free from the patterns of the past, but still going through them into something newer, rawer, and more primal & human in the end.
    It’s also one of the best love stories I’ve seen on the big screen. It calls back to the original trilogy for the backstory, and carries the fight against forces of assimilation and sameness to evolve into something uniquely different from what has come…

  • Snoopy, Come Home

    Snoopy, Come Home


    This is my absolute favourite of all of the Peanuts animated features.
    It’s also the saddest for a large portion of the movie, and I remember the songs best from this one.
    The 5.1 track on the blu ray needs to chill, though. Lol

  • Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown

    Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown


    Man, Peppermint Pattie needs to shut the fuck up. Lol
    All I could think, the entire movie.
    That aside, I like this one.

  • Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (and Don't Come Back!)

    Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (and Don't Come Back!)


    We all know that ONE BITCH like Peppermint Pattie.
    Charlie Brown going to England & France on an exchange program is fun, and I really enjoyed seeing Snoopy acting like a G.I. in the pub with Root Beer instead of actual beer.

  • A Boy Named Charlie Brown

    A Boy Named Charlie Brown


    All I can think is Charles Schulz must have had a terrible childhood.
    I love Charlie Brown & Snoopy together, though. And this is a great story about Charlie Brown deciding to join a spelling bee on a whim, and making it to the national championship. 
    Good stuff, and I actually really liked the songs, too.

  • Last Man Down

    Last Man Down


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Shot in English, obviously not the first language of most of the actors.
    We follow John Wood, an ex-military officer living in seclusion after a deadly pandemic has decimated the population, and led to the death of his wife at the hands of his superior officer. It’s mentioned that he’s immune, and then never brought up again. 
    His solitude is interrupted by the arrival of a wounded woman who somehow has the cure to the virus in her blood, and…

  • Running Scared

    Running Scared


    Grimm’s Fairytales, y’all.
    The best description I can give for this movie without spoiling anything.
    How this isn’t considered a classic is damn near blasphemous.
    Highest possible recommendation.