Inferno ★★★

The fact that Argento was sick and bedridden for most of Inferno's production makes so much sense now. For its entire overlong running time I kept on wondering why does Inferno feel so low energy and sort of empty.
Now I understand and feel at peace with my indifference towards this film.

Inferno has a good premise, but its plot feels almost nonexistent. Things just sort of happen. People wander beautiful halls and then die every 20 minutes, which seriously damaged the pacing for me to be honest. As a whole it feels rather clunky and almost unfinished. I can see why people would love this film as an atmospheric mood piece, but I like me a little more substance or something to compensate for the lack of likable characters and a coherent script (e.g.: I consider Suspiria to be a perfect film in this sense - not that the two should be compared).
The last act was a blast still and I loved the luscious cinematography (wasn't surprised to find out most of it was Bava working his magic) and adored Keith Emerson's score (Mater Tenebrarum is a fucking banger) so I might return to Inferno in a few years. I'm a sucker for love at second sight.

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