The Brood ★★★★★

8th David Cronenberg (after Scanners, Dead Ringers, The Dead Zone, The Fly, Videodrome, Fast Company, Shivers, before Crimes of the Future, Stereo, Secret Weapons and Naked Lunch)

Hello again! As I promised last week, I do have some exciting further news. Namely, the presentation I promised on The Brood all those months ago has finally been readied! We had the panel this morning and it went very well, so finally I feel ready to show this to the world. It's unlisted for reasons of good sense, but please enjoy my first attempt at something close to a film essay. Very primitive compared to what you can see out there, and a little fumbly in places, but it's a start! I should also say it's made for an academic audience, so it's pretty dense and a little dry.


Cronenberg in Order:
1. The Fly
2. Videodrome
3. The Brood
4. The Dead Zone
5. Naked Lunch
6. Scanners
7. Stereo
8. Fast Company
9. Dead Ringers
10. Crimes of the Future
11. Shivers
12. Secret Weapons

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